Last year was quite meaningful for some areas of my life…

  • My job affected personal life. I should avoid such things in the future. But that was important lesson.
  • I’ve seen great places, met interesting people and done some crazy things. That gave me a lot of good energy!
  • So called emotional life was full of disappointments. But i’m not loosing hope for a change.

Without settling too much on 2018 summary, i decided to do more things that make me happy. So, this year more concerts, exhibitions, journeys (i’ve already booked tickets for 4 concerts). I should also find more time for my friends and family.

And finally, time for self-developing – i like searching and learning new things, but feel that last year there was not enough of such activities.


And here’s 2018 summary in pictures:




As i wrote before, during my first stay in Barcelona, i’ve met a guy. We’ve spent some time together talking, strolling through a city, kissing. Because of him i extended my stay by 1 day. It was unexpected but really nice, so we decided to meet again in December.

On 18.12 i flew there again… And have 2 things to depict the situation: image with detail from Casa Lleó Morera (shot while i’ve been waiting for our meeting), and a song.

In so called meantime between our meeting he has found someone else.

Atmosphere was totally different, since the first day. He told me the news on the second day. If i knew about this fact before, i guess i wouldn’t have come again, or spent all the time without meeting him. I didn’t enjoy this trip too much… Felt too strange.


From series “Love is blind”:



In Germany i hoped to solve my cash problem with friends help quickly and try to enjoy the end of my holidays… But life has its own idea of how things should look like.


I checked that the fastest option of getting home was blablacar for 42 EUR, from a town near Munich (150 kilometres away). 2 another train tickets were needed.

Additionally, blablacar driver didn’t accept instant payment from my bank account as an option, so i needed to get cash somehow.

It turned out, that he gets allowance because of health problems, and his account is monitored by authority, checking if there’s no profit he makes.

Every money flowing in would be considered as his income, reducing cash he would get in the following month. He thought that maybe his father could help, if i send him a transfer. After explanation through telephone he refused, saying that whole situation is not clear and seems like a con.

Not long after this disappointing attempt i (finally!) found a solution. Of course i made mistake with the first one, but the second one was my saver – I’ve sent Western Union transfer to myself.

And a small note here – if your ID shows that you have 2 names, but site or bank says it’s only optional to fill this field, fill it anyway.

That’s why i couldn’t collect the first one, which was quite annoying. This resulted in a long walk with all my things across the city to the only Western Union partner opened on Saturday at 8AM, that allowed me to take train leaving at 8:50 from the other side of the city.

Good thing is, that it was the last adventure in my journey.

Bad thing is, that right after coming back to Krakow, it turned out, that i have to leave the flat with all my things in 3 (instead of 6) days. And i was in the middle of preparations to christmas fair held by my foundation, attending meetings as co-organiser.

Luckily, i did it – all things disappeared from the old place. And helped flatmate with part of his things, which was still more than everything i have with me. He and his boyfriend were upset, because i didn’t do much with the whole movement, which was, i must admit that, true.

I warned them, that it’s my holiday leave and asked if i should prepare anything before i leave. Answer was no;

95% of things we’ve been carrying and took almost all the space in both old and new place, were belonging to one of them.

So not really something mine, but atmosphere was really fucked up.

I even thought about leaving them in new place and going anywhere else. It got better within few days, when emotions calmed down…


This story in 3 parts from posts 223, 224 and 225, tells story my holidays… Leaving one plot open – my second visit in Barcelona, to meet “someone interesting”, as i described him 2 posts ago.

But that will make a separate post…

In the meantime watch the edge of Lake Constance:



In Lyon, it turned out that i lost access to my bank account. Reason was surprisingly stupid – bank employee assigned new debit card to account, that has been closed.

Having around 65 EUR in my wallet, i started to think how to get to my friends place, and from there, back home. My choice was green-brand-bus, for which i could pay directly from bank account. To be more precise, 3 buses. I checked price of tickets i had to buy later with cash and made big food shopping for the whole journey (and some small gifts for friends)…

Bus tickets were not expensive, comparing to planes and trains. And that was the only pro of this option. 1st one to Milano, around 7h ride, after ~10 hours there, travel to Zurich, taking ~4h. After waiting 3 hours there, bus to Lindau, from which i took train to a deestination place.

This part of journey took me ~30 hours, i took a 1-2h nap in the 2nd bus only, so after ~19 hours from leaving the hostel. That was hard…

I met a really nice girl in the queue to the 1st bus. We were sitting next to each other, as it turned out. We were chatting and admiring beauty of the Alps.

Milano was cold, windy, and rainy. I took subway train to the city centre, which turned out to be full of expensive shops and restaurants. Quite annoying, when you can’t afford buying anything.

And you carry all the stuff on your back.

And dream of sitting in a warm place with hot tea and something to eat (or to be in your bed already)…

I decided to see some old architecture, using the fact i’m there. Finally i found place with more friendly prices. But it was quite late – i was extremally irritated already, they were closing in an hour or so. I got back to couch station around 10 or 11 PM. It turned out, that passengers will have to wait outside for some time, because metro station closes around midnight. Bus to Switzerland departs around 2AM. That was a cold night…

Zurich stop was not that bad. I went to train station, and spent all the time there, trying to warm up, as i felt really cold. Thanks to a nice service in bakery, i could pay for a cup of tea with EUR coins instead of notes or local currency.

When i finally got to Lindau, i felt really tired. I went to a train station (1 of 2 in this city), but it turned out, that trains to my destination are leaving from the other one only. So i had unplanned ~1 h walk. From the proper station, i took train for 22 EUR (prices of train tickets in Germany are horrible!) to my friends town. I had to fight with myself not to fall asleep in this train. It was only passing my destination town, and i had not enough money to waste it for another ticket i’d need after oversleeping my station.

[to be continued…]




So… I managed to come back safely after my crazy holidays. Of course not everything went as planned, with a quite big extent of difference. But going from the start…

Barcelona turned out to be a really interesting place. I really enjoyed being there, visited a lot of museums and other great places. That was kind of marathon, to be honest. 9 museums + La Pedrera, Park Guell, St. Pau Hospital (visible in the picture), 2 hills with spectacular views and a lot more… Within 7 very intensive days.

Additionally, i’ve met someone interesting there… And will fly to Barcelona again, in 3 weeks.

He asked me to give up my “stupid idea” of hitch-hiking for my own safety and i listened to him, for the first part of journey, he was close to. I went to Avignon by bus. This turned out to be rather good idea due to fuel protests in France. Our bus was generally waiting shorter than normal cars, but still the ride was 2,5 hours longer than scheduled. Driver turned out to be a really nice guy – he even offered passengers some snacks he had with him. That was completely sweet.

In Avignon i spent some time sightseeing, visited Pope’s Palace and met online friends to have photo session. It went out really nice, they turned out to be great people, and invited me to their house. That was unexpected and really, really kind of them to let stranger in. I’ve spent really great time with them!

On the next day i left the city on foot and went to the place marked as great for hitch-hikers (hitchwiki.org). Just as a side note – my whole ability of speaking french is good morning, please and thanks, but this was not a big problem. Internet data turned out to be true – i quickly found driver that offered me ride. Davide took me to motorway gates in the next city (as the closest one was blocked by protesters). There, an extremally nice girl stopped, saying that she’s not going to Lyon itself, but can take me as far as she’ll be able to. Marine was the driver with whom i made most of the road that day, and we’ve had a really pleasant conversation. She is an actress and singer, currently giving singing lessons to children. She recently fought with cancer, what is the reason of  not being able to act on stage currently. I hope she’ll recover soon and will have long years of great life!

I was asked to sing some polish lullabies to her, and even got recorded with one of them. I can only wish i did well.

Our roads diverged close to Viene, near Lyon. There i found lift to Viene – small charming city. Luigi didn’t speak english at all, but we managed to understand each other, and i got to Viene. Weather got really bad then, so i did a walk around the city centre and took train to Lyon.

And there, when i tried to pay for hostel stay with my card, small problem appeared.

I couldn’t. With none of my 2 cards.

Reception lady adviced me to go to the nearest ATM and try, which also had no positive effect. So i had to use my just-in-case-deposit.

[to be continued…]



I’ve met an amazing woman today…

She takes care of her disabled grandson, aged 20. Two years ago they have lost husband and grandfather. For years they were taking care of him. It started with kidnapping him from the care center (!!!), and fighting for the right to take care of their own grandson.

Soon after that loss, accident which happened at school, resulted in some injuries. It seemed that everything goes into good direction, but in fact, side-effects of the accident were serious, affecting grandson’s lungs. They showed up about 6 months later. He undergone 4 surgeries in a row, but after them it seemed that he’s not going to wake up from the coma. Thanks to the effort of doctors, he’s still alive.

One could think, that he doesn’t understand anything – he’s not able to speak, has some problems in ruling his own body.

But the thing is, he understands EVERYTHING. And communicates with the world using gestures, special book with pictures and sentences, computer (especially facebook!) with adapted keyboard. He seems to have a really good memory and interest in technical things.

That story broke my heart and also built it back.

My foundation is going to help them with this year’s christmas fair. We just started preparations, and number of volunteers that came to the 1st meeting was a really nice surprise.

I hope we’ll be able to gather a lot of funds!


My last week at work before holidays came to an end. That was really demanding time, with all foundation staff going on, adding my visits in ex’s house to make sure he’s more or less OK, medical appointments with my psychiatrist etc.


Universal lens i have stopped working, so i bought another one of the very same kind  on-line, seller promised to send it by courier quickly on Monday.

It’s still on the way, but i don’t know where. He didn’t even give me a letter tracking number.

The most stupid point – seller lives 100 km from me. That could be delivered going on foot during those 5 days…


Flying tomorrow. I’m a bit nervous – that’ll be my first flight by myself (and 3rd in total).

I guess i’m a control freak to some extent… That’s why it feels uncomfortable to trust the pilot and just sit.

Anyway, take care of you, i’ll probably back in 2 weeks!