I’ve had homework for therapy- writing my own biography. Almost 27 years in 1,5 page. A bit about family, each school, relations and isolation from people.

Secrets and discovering truth about myself.

About some of these things i didn’t think since ages. They are sitting somewhere deep inside, in a dark place…



Recently my mood is a bit down, but there are some nice situations as well….

Last two evenings we’ve had a business meetings. The 1st one was farewell party for a manager leaving my company. That was nice to prepare him gifts, dance and chat with people about other things than in our daily work conversations.

Yesterday there was a project ending meeting, so again job-related meeting. I went there for 2 hours only (because i didn’t tell my ‘roommate’ about it. The day before he told me to come back at 11). First i thought i won’t go there and wrote to the project leader that i can’t come, she insisted on me to come, writing that she would really like to see me there. So i finally decided to come for a while. There was a time for chatting, eat the starter and then, official part started. The last speech was about funny things from the project time. My department has been awarded for cooperation with the most lazy and deceitful project team member, what was demanding experience (but because of it we’ve had to do and learn a lot).

What’s more, i’ve been awarded personally for preparing manual for other users, who were not involved in the project (but they have to use the program, we were implementing). When i sent it to my office colleagues, i wrote that it’s version 1.0, and probably i’ll prepare the next version, because i feel the potential for a bestseller.

My diploma is for “2016 bestseller” 🙂



The water still flows… And only i seem to stand immobile. Places and things change. Soon, nearly everything i knew will pass by.

I’m stuck. Can’t get out.

Don’t know how.


Our life is only a moment. We never know how short it’s going to be.

And i’ve wasted so many years…

I want to cry. Often with no visible reason.

As if the situation started to finish me out.